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Google Mail Fetcher (new)

Google Mail Fetcher

Why Should I Use Fetch Mail Instead of an Email Forwarder?

Unfortunately, it is very common for mail forwarding to cause blacklisting with many large email providers. This most commonly occurs when large amounts of mail are forwarded and then marked as spam after it has been received in the end user’s inbox. This results in your server’s sending reputation being penalized since it was the last server to send the mail. Ultimately, your server will become blacklisted with the email provider and it will affect all of the users on the server.

A solution to this is to stop mail forwarding altogether. Using a mail fetcher, you can access mail in a remote system without having the mail routed through that system’s server. This way, you can mark a message as spam without it affecting your email server’s reputation.

Note:  In order to successfully fetch mail with another mail provider you must first create an email account within your HostGator control panel. For additional information on how to create an email account please refer to the following article:

For instructions regarding specific mail providers, please click the associated link below:

Google Mail FetcherSee Below
AOL Alto FetchSee Below
Yahoo! and OutlookSee Below

The instructions below provide steps on how to fetch mail from your HostGator server so you can access them via Google Mail.

About Google Mail Fetcher

Google Mail Fetcher is easy to set up and free to use. It uses POP3 to pull all the contents of an email box into Gmail and then parses the emails for spam. Mail Fetcher can download messages from up to five other email accounts, allowing you to centralize all your email in Gmail.

Once Mail Fetcher is set up, Google will check those accounts on a regular basis, and new mail will appear automatically in Gmail.

Note: The email accounts from which you’d like to fetch mail must support POP access and, in the case of Gmail addresses, have POP access enabled.

How to Set Up Google Mail Fetcher

To set up Google Mail Fetcher for an email account:

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page and select Settings.
  3. Click the Accounts tab and locate the Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) section.
  4. Click Add a POP3 mail account you own.
  5. Enter the full email address of the account from which you’d like mail fetched.
  6. Click Next Step.
  7. In the Password field, enter the password for the email address you provided.
  8. Select Port 110 for a POP3 connection. For a secure email connection, use Port 995.
  9. Click the checkboxes next to the options that best suit your needs:
    • Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server
    • Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail *
    • Label incoming messages
    • Archive incoming messages
    *Note: Google does not allow the use of self-signed SSL certificates, including HostGator’s shared SSL certificates.
  10. Click Add Account.

After successfully adding your account, you’ll also have the option of making the added account a custom From address. This will allow you to compose messages in Gmail but have them appear to be sent from your other email account.

Fetch Mail with AOL

AOL has created a proprietary inbox management system (Alto Mail) that you can use to access remotely hosted email accounts. To access this system, you would login to your AOL account here. Once you have logged in, please follow the steps below to add a remote account:

  1. Select the Settings icon in the bottom left hand corner of the page.

  2. Click on Manage Accounts.

  3. Click on the Green envelope.

  4. Enter the remote account information for the address you would like to add in AOL.

    Note: This method does not currently support TLS/SSL security connection methods. Please select “None” in the security portion illustrated above.

    If you wish to use IMAP please use incoming port 143 and if you wish to use POP3 use incoming port 110. For outgoing, please use port 25.

Additional Resources

The following articles explain how to set up mail fetching for other services and are for reference only. Please note that HostGator cannot offer direct support for the information provided below.